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About Krishnabai

Krishnabai founded the Center for Sexual Abuse Counseling (CSAC) in 1988 as a way to serve adult survivors of child sexual abuse and their partners.  It evolved into the Center for Counseling (CFC) as the needs and focus of her clients grew beyond that specific issue.  People with all life issues are welcome at the CFC.

Current services include individual counseling, group counseling and couples’ counseling.

Krishnabai, M.Ed., M.S.W., LICSW is experienced in working in various modalities concerning many life issues with clients and their partners.

The core of her work is the discovery and expression of the authentic Self. She focuses on the identification, expression, and resolution of emotions, commitment to honesty and the use of remedial education and information.

The services of the CFC are open only to people who, as adults, have not perpetrated sexual abuse against others.

Individual Counseling

Many clients begin their therapy with one to one counseling.  This format provides a safe, confidential setting in which to explore issues of great power and emotional weight. Shame, fear, anger, doubt, betrayal and grief are often first expressed in the privacy of individual counseling.

Clients learn how to express their feelings in constructive and responsible ways.  They gain an understanding of their histories and how their pasts may be affecting their lives today. They are given a vocabulary and an explanation of the healing process.

Trust, safety, boundaries, communication skills and sexuality are core issues that may get addressed in individual counseling.

For many clients, therapy is the place they use to practice new and healthier ways of relating to themselves, others and the world.  It is their laboratory in which they recreate themselves into a more authentic Self.  The trust they develop in the therapeutic relationship is then practiced and strengthened in their other peer relationships as they transition out of individual counseling.

Couples’ Counseling

In the course of individual counseling, clients often find that the changes they are going through effect the people closest to them. In the working out of the unique issues of their relationships, clients sometimes find it useful to seek occasional or regular short term counseling with their partners.

The therapist acts as a neutral third party, almost like a translator or facilitator, to increase communication and understanding between partners.

Clients and their partners use the interactions within the sessions to gain greater communication skills,  understanding and compassion for each other and to rediscover their connection.

Couples’ Counseling is also available to couples  when neither are in individual counseling.

For seven years Krishnabai wrote the monthly Ask Your Therapist column for The Messenger. You can read them here.